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Animal Portrait Pricing

Listed below are price quotes for portraits done in either oil pastel or charcoal in a variety of standard sizes. If you have a custom size you'd like, please contact me for pricing. Some size/subject combinations are not available and are denoted with a "-". If you have special requests (like adding a background), surcharges may apply.

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Oil Pastel Drawings

Animals are drawn on Strathmore acid-free drawing paper with Sennelier oil pastels. Drawings are sprayed with an oil pastel fixative (to help prevent smudging), cut out with an x-acto knife, and then mounted on either black or white Canson card stock, cut to size. The final work is signed and dated in either white or black ink.

Charcoal Drawings

Animals are drawn on Strathmore acid-free pastel paper, which comes in five different colors. Once color is selected, paper is cut to size, and the animals are drawn on using General's black and white charcoal. Once approved, drawings are signed and dated with charcoal, and sprayed with a fixative (to help prevent smudging).