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Building Portraits

It wasn't until the first time I moved that I truly realized the nostalgia seeing an old home brought. It feels appropriate, then, that I began creating building/house portraits when I was away in college.

Listed below are price quotes for portraits done in either watercolor + pen or acrylic. The sizes suggested are standard for paper and canvas works, respectively.  If you have a custom size you'd like, please contact me for specific pricing. 


- Both watercolor/pen and acrylic house portraiture include full landscaping/background

- Prices are given in ranges to accommodate different levels of detail

- Prices are guidelines and are subject to fluctuation depending on the complexity of your request

Watercolor + Pen

Houses are painted on watercolor paper, cut with an additional 1/2" border all around. The building(s) are drawn on first with pencil, then traced over with a black pen, before being painted using artist-grade watercolor paints. Once approved, paintings are signed and dated with the same black pen, and either cut to size or left with the 1/2" border, depending on the purchaser's preference.

8" x 10"

11" x 14"

16" x 20"






18" x 24"

Price Range


Houses are painted on stretched acid-free cotton canvas, with three depths to choose from. Once depth is selected, the building(s) are painted using artist-grade acrylics. Once approved, paintings are signed and dated with acrylic paint, and coated with a layer of varnish (for UV and dust protection).

8" x 10"

11" x 14"

16" x 20"





18" x 24"

9" x 12"


Price Range

I am happy to discuss the possibility of a custom work with you!

Use this commission form, filling out as much information as you can, to get the conversation started.

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If you have a photo(s) in mind, you can email me directly (along with what you're interested in having created) at

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out--contacting me doesn't lock you into anything!

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