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Lindsay Hall (she/her)
Massachusetts + New Hampshire

Lindsay Hall is an interdisciplinary artist based between New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She has been interested in the arts, in a broad sense, since she was a child. With an innate desire to create, she is constantly pursuing artistic projects in whatever capacity she can.

Lindsay received her BA in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2018 and has since relocated back to her New England roots.

Lindsay has always had a passion for sharing her love of art, encouraging others to always be exploring new means of creativity. Her interest and experience both in art history and various studio arts has helped shape not only her understanding of a range of materials and styles, but has also allowed her to better understand the history of the arts and the importance of context in appreciating artistic intention.

Though she likes to experiment with a wide range of subject matter, Lindsay has a penchant for living subjects. Much of her work draws inspiration from life on Earth: plants, animals, and people.

For more information, you can contact Lindsay here.

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