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Lindsay Hall Art on Creative Guts
hosted by Laura Harper Lake + Sarah Wrightsman

In the fall of 2022, Lindsay sat down with Sarah Wrightsman and Harper Harper Lake of Creative Guts Podcast to discuss her artistic beginnings, which of her favorite mediums she would say goodbye to if she had to, and what success as an artist looks like to her.

WVCW Richmond Radio Interview
with Tye Proffitt

In late 2021 Lindsay was interviewed by Tye Proffitt for a segment on WVCW Richmond Radio: a student-run radio station from her alma mater, Virginia Commonwealth University. Lindsay discusses life as an artist pre-pandemic, how her life as a creative entrepreneur changed in the world of COVID-19, and what advice she has for current students in the arts.

Entrepreneurial Creatives and the Pandemic with Lindsay Hall
00:00 / 10:27

Merrimack Valley Life Interview
written by Patricia Bruno

After completing her first public art project, Gale Park Poppies, Lindsay was approached for an interview by local Haverhill journalist and shop-owner, Patricia Bruno. Lindsay discusses this most recent project, along with her other work as an artist in this article published in the July 2021 edition of Haverhill Life (print publication) and online in Merrimack Valley Life.

Lindsay Hall Art on Paige's Pod
hosted by Paige Lindsey Design

In early 2020, Lindsay sat down on Zoom to speak with Paige Lindsey Design, creator of the podcast Paige's Pod. The two discuss going to art school, the business side of being an artist, positive + negative influences, and the importance of not only accepting, but embracing change.

Featured work in "Quaranzine 2020"
presented by Heaventown Haverhill

Shortly after the first lockdown in 2020, the creative organization Heaventown Haverhill put out an open call for artists to participate in a new zine project: "Quaranzine 2020". The publication contains work by more than 80 artists, authors, and musicians from across the country, including Lindsay's painting Everything Is Gonna Be Okay. The zine has a loose theme of “quarantine life” but includes a range of creative content created in the first few months of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

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