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Frequently Asked Questions

The Artist
Why do you use so many mediums?

I love trying new things. This isn’t exclusive to just art; I consider myself a multipotentialite (think: renaissance-man) in all aspects of my life. Though there are definite patterns in subject/medium that can be seen in my art, it is all really experimentation and a desire to keep pushing myself to see what I’m capable of. I am also the type of person to become restless doing the same thing over and over again and, though no two-artworks will ever be ‘the same’, I like bringing in as much variety as I can. It keeps me fresh, challenged, and moving forward.

Are you open to collaborations?

Yes, I am very much interested in connecting with other creatives and discussing the possibility of a collaboration. It would depend on what your idea for a partnered project is as well as my current availability, but it is definitely worth reaching out to ask! You can shoot me a message here.

Do you offer studio visits?

Not currently, no. I hope to be able to offer this somewhere down the line when I have a more separate studio space; it is currently integrated in my home/personal space. This will be something I will announce whenever it becomes an option!

Do you do any graphic design?

Graphic design is not my specialty; if you are looking for any logo work, poster mockups, or UI/UX design I am not the one to contact. There are plenty of graphic designers out there that would be happy to work with you!

How can I purchase one of your original works of art?

All works of art marked “available” are open to purchasing. Each collection allows you to "shop" the available works online.  If you would rather contact me directly for purchase, you can message me here.

Why are some originals marked as “currently not for sale”?

There are a variety of reasons a work might be marked as such. Some of them are older works that did not initially get the storage care that they deserve and thus are not in proper shape to sell. Others are pieces I currently have in my own personal collection, but may be released for sale in the future. If you are interested in a work that is marked as “currently not for sale” you can still reach out to me here regarding its status and we can discuss the likelihood of it becoming available for purchase.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, I love creating commissioned pieces. The bulk of my commissions are portraiture (people, animals, buildings) but if there is something else you see in my larger portfolio that you’d like a similar custom work of I would be happy to discuss. You can reach out to me here regarding commissions.

How do I go about ordering a commission?

If you are interested in commissioning a work you can contact me here or send me an email at to discuss what you would like. If you are able, please provide as much information as possible about what you are looking for: size, medium, subject matter, if you need it by a certain date, and if you have specific photo reference(s) you can attach them. If you are not sure about some of this information I would be happy to help you think through and decide what would be best.

How much would a commission of [insert something here] cost?

It can be difficult to gauge an accurate price for a commission without enough detail. Price varies on size, medium, subject matter, amount of detail, and turnaround time. General guidelines for pricing can be found under the 'commissions' section. Click here for pricing of human portraits, here for animal portraits, and here for buildings.

Can you combine multiple photos for a commission?

Yes, within reason I am able to combine parts of different photos. For instance, if you’re looking for a brother and sister portrait but you want to use one photo of the sister and a separate one of the brother I can combine them. Also, if you would like a different background I would be happy to accommodate. Another example might be that you have a picture of your dog where you love the pose/expression, but the lighting doesn’t show their fur the best so you provide better images for me to get the colors/detail right. Or maybe you like the head of your dog in an image where he is standing but you’d like him sitting in the portrait. Not all requests are doable, but I am happy to work with you to try to create what you are looking for!

What’s the average turnaround for a commissioned piece?

Again, there are many factors that this depends on, and it is generally easier to give a time frame once size/medium/detail is known. However, in general, I aim for commissions to be done in 2-8 weeks. If you have a deadline, like a birthday or anniversary, please let me know! If it requires a faster-than-normal turnaround time there may be an additional surcharge.

What sizes do you offer?

I offer standard sizes easily framed, all measured using the US imperial system (" indicates inches). 

5" x 7", 8" x 10", 11" x 14", 16" x 20", 18" x 24". Certain sizes may not be available depending on the medium and/or number of subjects requested.

Do I pay upfront for a commission?

Commission fees are split up into two payments: an initial 50% deposit to secure the commission and the remaining 50% upon completion. Both of these amounts and deadlines will be made clear through the invoice you are emailed. 

Do you take Venmo?

Yes and no. As of March 2021 I opened a Venmo business account in order to take payment. However, there is a glitch in my account and Team Venmo has yet to be successful in fixing this issue. So, for the time, my ability to take Venmo payments is on hold. Typically, I use Square to send invoices and receive payments, but I take PayPal as well!

Do you charge sales tax?

If the work is being delivered inside of the state of Massachusetts (or is sold in-person in MA), sales tax will be charged. If you live outside of Massachusetts there will not be a sales tax attached to your bill. 

Will the materials smudge?

Some of the mediums I use can be quite messy (charcoal, oil pastel, graphite, etc.) but all such materials are finished with an appropriate 'fixative' before shipping. This allows the materials used to be "fixed" to the paper. They are not 100% perfect; if you TRY to smudge the work (with pressure/friction) you will likely be successful, but the fixative ensures accidental smudging/smearing will not happen!

Do you offer framing?

I do not offer framing at this time. All commissions will come unframed. All of the sizes I suggest are standard frame sizes to allow for more convenient framing. I suggest finding a local frame shop near you to purchase your frame; or I can suggest a couple of online frame shops that I have experience using.

Some original works are framed, though most* of them can be removed from the frame upon request.

*a few originals have been custom-framed and have been professionally sealed and thus only come as framed.

Will the work be safe in transport?

I do my best to ensure every work sent out is packed safely for shipping. All works will be shipped in sturdy packaging, possibly with cardboard inserts to prevent bending. Any foam (styrofoam, foam-core, or packing peanuts) is re-used; I do not purchase these environmentally-ugly fillers, but will put them to use if I have them.

By default, all works are shipped with insurance in case the package is damaged or lost in transport.

If you have any issues with the integrity of the work once it arrives, please contact me here or email me at and I will work with you concerning the damage and possible fixes/amendments.

Please review all shipping/return information here.

How are works shipped?

Most works are shipped using the USPS and are shipped as securely as possible. Larger works may ship through the UPS (see each listing's individual 'shipping' tab for specific shipment information). In an effort to be environmentally-conscious, some works will be shipped out in pre-loved packaging (so long as it still has full integrity). Most new packaging used comes from EcoEnclose, which provides sustainable packaging. 

Please review all shipping/return information here.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently I only ship within the United States. If you are international and are interested in making a purchase please contact me at with the work's title and a general shipping destination (city, country) to discuss possible shipment.

Please review all shipping/return information here.

Do you offer local pick-up or delivery?

Yes! I am currently based on the North Shore of Massachusetts--if you are local to this area I would be happy to discuss local pick-up or delivery! Depending on your proximity, there will still be a small charge if you would like me to personally deliver, but if you would like to pick-up the work yourself there will of course be no charge! Contactless local pick-up and delivery available upon request!

Please review all shipping/return information here.

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