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Human Portraits

(Also human + animal combo portraits)


Human portraiture is really the subject matter that made me want to become an artist. Once I realized that I was capable of recreating a distinct person on a two-dimensional surface, I was hooked!


Scroll through this gallery to see example works, a size comparison chart, and paper color options (depending on the medium). Then use the form below to inquire about a commission of your own!

The commissioning process:

1. Submit one of the price quote request forms (below) with as much information as possible.

2. I will get back to you with a price estimate based on the information you've provided. If I need more information we can work out the details via email or can schedule a Zoom call to discuss your request. 

3. Once we've settled on all of the details/you accept the estimate I have sent over, Square will generate an invoice. I request a 50% deposit to secure the commission, and the other 50% upon completion (both laid out in the one invoice you will receive).

4. I will recreate your subject(s) in your chosen medium, contacting you if I encounter any questions along the way.

5. Once I've finished the drawing I will send you an image for your review. FOR OIL PASTEL ONLY: If you haven't chosen your cardstock color ahead of time then you will receive images of how the subjects look against all of the different background color options (not applicable for "full-context" oil pastel works).

6. If everything looks good to you, I'll go ahead and apply the appropriate fixative for the medium (to help preserve the work).

7. Once you have paid the remaining 50% balance, I will pack up the work and ship it off (or we can schedule a local pickup/delivery).

Quote Form
Quote Request Forms

Click on the corresponding button below to open the quote request form for that particular medium. If you are not sure what medium you'd like, feel free to contact me directly to discuss what might work best. I know this can all be a bit intimidating so I'm always happy to help!

Price Estimates
Price Estimate Tables

The prices listed below are general guidelines and may fluctuate depending on the complexity of your request, hence the price ranges. For example: a solid color shirt is easier to draw than a complicated pattern. Please submit the price quote form above for a more precise quote!

The price chart for oil pastel works on this page is intended for oil pastel works that have at least one human subject. Humans are significantly more time-intensive to draw with oil pastels than animals, meaning the prices listed here are higher than those found in the oil pastel price chart on the animal portraiture page. 


I am happy to discuss the possibility of a custom work with you!

Use one of the quote request forms above, filling out as much information as you can, to get the conversation started.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out; I'm here to help!

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