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Stitch Figures

Back in 2019 I was on a supply run when I came across a pack of handmade cotton-rag papers . I knew immediately that I was going to buy it, even though I didn't have a plan to use it (shout out to impulse art supply purchases!). Later that year, I began my series Au Naturel, which features painted self portraits on canvas that are topped off with embroidery. Flash forward to 2021 and I am continuing my Au Naturel series when I think to myself, "I should try embroidering through paper." Now, I know embroidery through paper isn't a new concept in any regard––and I also have to give credit to a friend that had asked if I would ever consider embroidering parts of my oil pastel pet portraits)––but when I remembered I had this incredible paper I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


I had started a series of small figure study sketches back in 2020, and I realized a mixed-media approach to depicting these bodies could be incredibly interesting. I quickly began playing around with simplifying highlights and shadows into hash marks that could be replicated with thread, and the results certainly didn't disappoint. This is an ongoing series, and something I am excited about in a whole new way. It feels wonderful to share these pieces with you, I hope you enjoy.

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