Figure Studies

This series spawned primarily out of the economic toll brought on by the global pandemic of COVID-19. Purchases of larger original art and commissioned works are just not feasible for most people at the moment and, while I am continuing to take any orders of those that are placed, I'm hoping that this series gives people the opportunity to get their hands on a new piece of art to brighten up their living spaces at a low cost. 


These sketches are all done in charcoal on kraft paper sized at 4" x 6" in order to ship in a standard envelope, and are sprayed with fixative to ensure the charcoal will not smudge. As this series is primarily created to be sold off, I will be removing sketches as they sell. If you want to see all of these figure studies, you can check out the archive here.

**JULY UPDATE: From this point forward, this series will be available upon donation to outside organizations only.

If you would like one or more figure studies, I ask that you:

1) Let me know which figure study you are interested in (so I can hold it for up to 1 hour)

2) Donate $15 or more to any of these organizations

3) Send me a screenshot of your donation that shows the date (it must be a new donation)

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